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spn_picspam's Journal

Supernatural PicSpam Community
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Welcome to spn_picspam. This Community is for Supernatural Picspams.


+ Please use proper spelling in all your posts. Capitalization and punctuation just make it easier for all of us to read what you're trying to say.

+ Please do not link to posts in your journal/community that are friends only.

+ Please put all PicSpams behind a cut.

+ Try to be as detailed as possible when describing the PicSpam. It'll help when I have to catagorize the PicSpam into the Archive later.

+ Posting a PicSpam that contains spoilery pictures from an upcoming episode is fine, just please label your post accordingly.

+ Pictures of Jensen/Jared/Jeffery outside of Supernatural or acting in other TV Shows/Movies are fine.

+ PicSpam requests are accepted.

+ Please, no promotion of other communities or your own journal. This is a place for PicSpams and PicSpams only.


The GORGEOUS Header was made by the amazing, wonderful, talented lerefuge.


A comprehensive list of all PicSpams posted in this community is upkept weekly and can be found HERE.